About us

Swedish Social Psychiatric Forum

is a politically and religiously independent Swedish non -profit organization whose work is based on the vision of a society where its citizens social health and the occurence of mental illness is limited.

The Social Psychiatric Forum works to minimize barriers resulting from the society-related mental illness and for the support to be readily available and individually adapted, so that all have the possibility to live their lives based on their own needs and desires, sometimes with help of assistive devices due the cognitive disabilities.

At the heart of the Association is the belief that a social psychiatric approach to practical work can help oppose the occurrence of menatal illness. Human rights and the UN´s standard rules are the starting point for the work of the Association.

The Social Psychiatric Forum’s aim is:

  • For patient/users, family and friends, professional and other interested parts to meet, acquire and share knowledge and experiences, and at the same time to stimulate each other to develop, spread and apply the social psychiatric approach in practical actions.
  • To increase consciousness and knowledge of the significance of social psychiatric aspects for mental health.

The Social Psychiatric Forum will constitute a critical and reflective group where the social reform and new methods and models are discussed and implementerd.

The Social Psychiatric Forum works by:

  • Arranging national conferences and seminars.
  • Spreading information and building opinion, stimulating the spread of konwledge, exchanges of experience and developement within the field of social psychiatric knowledge, for example to strengthen the influence for those concerned.

The Social Psychiatric Forum welcomes all – a shared interest in understanding the connection between society, mental health and mental illness is the only essential.

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E-mail: info@socialpsykiatrisktforum.nu

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